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With spring here in St. Louis, the girls are thinking about all the fun outside toys they have to play with. At our house, spring means riding bikes, playing on our swing set, and so much more. Which actually this reminds me that I need to make our park kit to place in my car. The toys from Imperial Toy will be perfect for our park kit. Imperial Toy has introduced their new line of spring summer toys and I had the chance to check them out with my girls.


One of their favorite things it bubbles. I believe the movie Knocked Up quoted it well, “I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles.” I think every parent can relate to that quote. My girls love bubbles. Seriously what is it about them that will make any child happy? Of course the minute I opened the box, both girls wanted to get the bubbles out. So we did just that. We opened the Bubble Turbine up and headed outside.


This was so easy to use, both my girls could use the Bubble Turbine with ease. You just dip it in the bubble solution and pull the trigger. Let me say WOW about the bubbles too. They were huge. And of course the girls loved popping them.


Then the girls really wanted to play with the water balloons, so of course we waiting till daddy was home to play. I have to admit the KAOS® Tie Not Filler was not as kid friendly as I thought it would be. Chloe (who is 6) was using it a couple times and had issues with either the balloon popping off and soaking her or she could not press the button to fill the balloon. Dave and I had no issues using it to fill the balloons, but we both had difficulty using it to tie the balloons. We found it was easier to just tie them ourselves.



We had such a great time throw the balloons at each other. I have to say this was the first time the girls played with water balloons but it will not be the last. We did not have enough daylight to get out the KAOS® Cyclops but I can totally see us taking this to the lake to be able to hit some of our friends in other boats. The Cyclops allows you to throw your water balloon up to 100 feet. One of the best features is that the balloons that come with both pieces are biodegradable so you don’t have to really worry about picking up all the balloon pieces like you did in the past (but yes, I will be that mom that will make my girls clean up their mess).


The last item we played with was the Glow Fusion Hi-Beam Sabre and Super Miracle® Bubbles Glow Fusion. This was very cool. You just need to mix the activators into the bubble mixture and have fun! The bubble were glowing with an orange glow all night and when they popped I ended up having orange glowing girls (can you imagine placing some of this inside the water balloons and having a night time water balloon fight?). But don’t worry about the orange glow, it washed right off the girls with soap and water with ease.


Overall the items that we received were awesome for our family. We truly enjoyed testing them out and the quality was just as I expected them to be. The girls really enjoyed both the water balloons and the bubbles so I see myself purchasing some more items for our summer.

You can find Imperial Toys on Facebook.

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. As always all thought and opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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