Birthday Popcorn

This is a super easy and yummy treat to make for any celebration. And really the ingredients are things that could be in anyone’s pantry.



vanilla cake mix
white chocolate chips (missing from picture)


Pop your popcorn as directed. I did 2 bags of regular popcorn. Then make sure you dig all the unpopped kernels out.

Next empty your white chocolate chips into a microwavable safe dish. On medium setting microwave for 1 minute. Stir and then on medium setting heat 30 seconds at a time until melted.

Then add 2 tablespoons of vanilla cake mix and then some sprinkles to the white chocolate and mix together well.

In a large bowl, mix white chocolate and popcorn together until you coat all of the popcorn. Then lay to dry on wax paper.

That is it. So easy and very yummy. It gives you a wonderful salty sweet birthday treat that all will love.

Chloe turned 6

I am so late with posting these but I literally was sick the following week after her party. So here they are. We had a great time and I think Chloe was very happy with how everything turned out. She has been wanting to have a sleep over party for a long time but I still think at 6 she is a little young. So we had a PJ party.


Invites by Dickey Design

I had the party at my parent’s house because they had a big TV that we could use for a movie. My mom had the brilliant idea of sending Dave and my dad to the lake for the weekend. So the boys went to the lake while my mom and I took care of the party. The plan behind the party was to play some games, have pizza for dinner, sweets for dessert then a movie. I really didn’t have to much of a plan because well it was to mimic a sleep over minus the sleep over party.


Over all the party was a success from the pizza, to the duck duck goose, to the dancing, and of course the sweets. All the girls seemed to have a great time. I was exhausted for the next day but it was all worth it.



Me Ra Koh: Shoot Like a Woman {#blissdom}

One of the best sessions I took at Blissdom was the session Me Ra Koh taught called “Shoot Like a Woman Pt 1 & 2.” I have to admit I was not originally going to go to this session because I really didn’t think it was for me. I was going to take a writing session. My room mate, Emily, told me about Me Rah and said that id I had the chance I needed to go to the session.

I walked into the writing session a just had this feeling that I should go to the photography session so I left. I am so glad I did. Emily was right, Me Rah was awesome. She started off by telling her story. It was a beautiful one of strength, courage, sadness, happiness, and triumph. It as all inspiring. Then she started sharing her photography secrets. She share so many that I have not even thought of now would have. I am still learning, but I think anyone with a DSLR is still learning, my camera and I loved the little tips and tricks she gave. She also said this which has really stuck in my mind:

A camera gives you:

a voice

In other words your camera is a vehicle. With your pictures you will be able to bring healing to someone, freedom to another, and so much more. She talked about using your camera to tell the right here right now story. It was such an empowering session. I would love to see her speak again (but wow check out her prices!!!).

So to save you the money, I will share with you the suggestions Me Ra gave us to change our photo’s overnight.


  • turn off your flash
  • use center focus only
  • take pictures in a parking lot (grass will suck up the light)
  • be willing to miss shots to get the great shot
  • fill the frame with the whole story
  • find the best light (sun first thing in the morning or at sunset) 3


So with this advice I went outside to take pictures of my girls. I used AV and manual. I only spot edited with picnik (so sad it will be going away).


Tell me what you think? Do you have any photography tips that seems to work for you?

Any Guys out there?

I was wondering if I had any guys that are followers. Would anyone be interested in having a weekly tech talk with my husband who is a mechanic. It can be anything from everyday car care to upgrades and performance. Dave, my husband, and I have been throwing around this idea since I got back from Blissdom but would love a feel for it.

Dare to Dream {#disney, #stl}

You only have 24 hours left to enter to win 4 tickets to Disney on Ice Dare to Dream. You can go here to enter.

To help you get your kids excited about the upcoming show, here is a coloring sheet and an activity sheet you can print out.


color sheet

D32 Coloring sheet


D32 Maze Game