Toyota Sienna: the drive to Blissdom {#blissdom, #blissdomsienna}

One of my awesome sponsors, Lou Fusz Toyota, gave me a Toyota Sienna to drive on the way to Blissdom. Let me preface by stating that I am nowhere near being a van driver in my life prior to this. I have always said that I didn’t want a van as that would make me “uncool” and I would always stick to my little SUVs.


This van was awesome. I was totally surprise with how awesome I thought it was. But I will admit that it did take me awhile to get use to it sizes wise. It is much larger (or at least it feels that way) to my current car. But once I got use to it, the Sienna was fun to drive.


One of my favorite things that it has to offer is the axillary plug for an MP3/iPod/iPhone. I was able to plug my iPhone in to play my songs. I also loved that it would show the song information (something my current car is not capable of doing). Sometimes my girls ask me who is singing the song and well I just don’t know. It was good to be able to tell them.


Another thing was the trunk space. While heading to Blissdom Melissa and I only have 6 bags total. But on the way home we each acquired at least 3 more bags. We were able to place everything into the very back of the van not even having to tap into the seating space.


Once we were home, my girls loved the van. They loved that I could open the doors with the keyless entry for them and they could jump right into their car seats and start getting buckled. I have to say besides the MP3 display this was my other favorite feature. At one point they were even playing in the van and knocking on one door to get out and  I tricked them by opening the other door with the remote. As for the car seats, they were so easy to install. There was enough space between the driver’s and front passenger seats that I could get in the van and tighten the straps for the car seats down, some cars it is hard to get in them with the car seats installed to make sure the straps are tight. The van comes with the latch system standard.


While I still am in my “I don’t need a van” mind frame, this is one cool van that I would think about buy when we need another car. It would have all the space needed for when our family and my parents are at the lake and want to take a trip over to Branson, MO. It would even make the long drive to Florida (whether it be Disney World or visiting family in Ft. Myers) a breeze too!

I was given a 2011 Toyota Sienna to drive to Blissdom as a transportation sponsorship from Lou Fusz Toyota. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and completely honest.

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