Pinterest Project : Mod Podge Christmas

I think I need help. Ever since “discovering” Mod Podge in one of my previous Pinterest Projects posts, I have become obsessed with the idea of Mod Podging everything I can get my hands on. Michael’s Craft Store even has a whole section dedicated to Mod Podge, all the different varieties, the special tools and stencils they offer, it’s crazy.

In order to cure my obsession, I took to Pinterest to find some ideas of things I could Mod Podge. I quickly found this homemade letter ornament (originally posted on Two Peas in a Bucket) and decided to make a “T” for my Taylor!

Mod Podge Christmas

This is a great cheap and easy project that older kids could probably get involved in as well. The supplies are simple:

-1 piece of scrapbook paper ($.059 at Michaels)

-1 pre-painted wooden letter ($1.00 at Michaels)

-Mod Podge (already had – can be purchased at Michaels for $6.99)

-1 piece of ribbon ($1.00 for a new spool at Michaels)

[Mod Podge Ornament Supplies | CrazyCoolCrafty]


-Trace the letter onto the back of the scrapbook paper (I traced two just to have a back-up)

-Cut your letter out

-Put Mod Podge Glue on the front of the wooden letter and place scrapbook paper

-Once dry, put a THIN layer of Mod Podge Glue on top of the scrapbook paper so a glazed look; let dry

[Mod Podge Ornament | CrazyCoolCrafty]

-Once the paper is completely dry, turn the letter over and use your ribbon to make and loop and glue on; I was feeling lazy so I just used Mod Podge to glue it but you could use craft glue or hot glue as well.

[Mod Podge Ornament | CrazyCoolCrafty]

So my search on Pinterest to find out what exactly I could Mod Podge led to an awesome pin called 150 Mod Podge Tutorials – The Ultimate List! This pin leads to the blog Mod Podge Rocks and really the blog just rocks in general! So I took myself off to Michael’s to see what else I could easily make.

I found this simple wooden heart frame for $1.00

[Mod Podge Heart Frame | CrazyCoolCrafty]

And this hunter’s cameo scrapbook paper for $.59

[Hunter Camo Scrapbook Paper | CrazyCoolCrafty]

And found an easy and very inexpensive craft/gift for my husband.

[Mod Podge Heart Frame | CrazyCoolCrafty]

[Mod Podge Heart Frame | CrazyCoolCrafty]

Now I just have to add a 5×7 picture of our little one. Since you have to cut the heart shape out of the paper it serves as a good background if you need it along with the cardboard cutout that comes with the frame.

[Mod Podge Heart Frame | CrazyCoolCrafty]

The last thing I made was a little jewelry/treasure box for my little one. I picked up this plain wooden box at a local craft store for $3.99

[Mod Podge Jewelry Box | CrazyCoolCrafty]

[Mod Podge Jewelry Box | CrazyCoolCrafty]

I picked this kind of different, hand-written looking scrapbook paper and some purple paint.

[Handwritting Scrapbook Paper | CrazyCoolCrafty]

I painted the lid and base first to avoid painting on the scrapbook paper. I picked Lavender acrylic paint by Americana which you can get at Hobby Lobby for $1.18. Next I added the paper around the middle section of the box. Make sure to Mod Podge under and on top and make sure the layers are very thin, especially on the top layer. If you put too much, making it too wet, the paper will bubble or not dry as clear and could affect the color of the paper.

[Mod Podge Jewelry Box | CrazyCoolCrafty]

So since I only used the middle section of the paper and the top of the lid was kind of plain, I cut a piece of the border of the paper and added it to the top of the lid. To attach it I had to Mod Podge it on which meant I had to Mod Podge the whole lid. I wasn’t sure how it would work on paint but it worked fine just so long as I kept the layers thin.

[Mod Podge Jewelry Box | CrazyCoolCrafty]

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Crystal says:
November 27, 2012 at 10:47 pm

Love the letter ornaments!! We always make ornaments for the tree and I love this idea!! We will definately be making these!!